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Playing the chanter in the ruins of Harran

Playing the chanter in the ruins of mediaeval Harran. This village near Urfa is mentioned in the Book of Genesis as a place where Abraham stayed for a while. It's never been the same since a visit by the Mongol army under Hulagu Khan. Its people now are mostly Arabs and very poor. I gave one little Arab girl an earphone to listen through, she was fascinated. It was even hotter when this was taken, around 45 degrees. I had abandoned the Western sunhat of the previous picture (it turned into a soggy dead weight with sweat) for an Arab-style headscarf, as commonly worn by both Arabs and Kurds in this area. It worked much better and I've never used anything else in hot weather since. This particular scarf is in the colours of the Urfa football team. The book is one of Logan's Highland pipe tune collections from about 100 years ago.

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