Dainty Davie

CHORUS:  O leeze me on his curly pow,
         Bonnie Davie, dainty Davie;
         Leeze me on his curly pow,
         He was my dainty Davie.

Being pursu'd by the dragoons,
Within my bed he was laid down,
And weel I wat he was worth his room,
My ain dear dainty Davie.

My minnie laid him at my back
I trow he lay na lang at that
But turn'd, and in a verra crack
Produc'd a dainty Davie.

Then in the field amang the pease,
Behin' the house o' Cherrytrees,
Again he wan atweesh my thies
And creesh'd them weel wi' gravy.

But had I goud, or had I land,
It should be a' at his command;
I'll ne'er forget what he pat i' my hand,
It was a dainty Davie.

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Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin