Embro, Embro

the hidden history of Edinburgh in its music

Jack Campin


The Smoke and Utter Ruin of the Bloody City of Edinburgh - the town as viewed from outside

Just As Good As You, Sir - arrivals and welcomes

Who's Got Feet Like Arthur's Seat? - places around the city

The Oldest Cheeses have the Most Mites - great families and big houses

Sluttish, Nasty and Slothful - the people of Edinburgh

If My Heart it Should Break, I Wad Never Get Free - work, trades and occupations

Dangerous and Filthy Demonstrations of Tumultuous Joy - sport, play, fun and the arts

I Thought It Lang To Lie My Lane - love and sex

Hushie Ba My Bairnie - songs of mothers, children and school

Buy My Caller Herrin - street life, street cries and street music

To Brotherhood Great Powers Belong - clubs, cliques and conspiracies

Oh, Let Me Aff This Ae Time - crime, police and the law

There's Nae Germs Aboot the Hoose - disease and disaster

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego as Anarchists - religion and the Kirk

The Fairest Tapestry That Ever I Saw - war and the army

When Order and Law May Be Safely Defied - politics, riot and repression

The Flowers of Edinburgh - a miscellany of tunes

Sad's the day I ran away from Edinburgh town - departures and farewells


Sampler: Music of Dalkeith

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Embro, Embro
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