We, Sulliemania's street hawkers and itinerant barrow traders, with immense difficulty and fatigue, can only get a few dinars working every day for 12 or 13 hours standing under the glaring sun. We can't make a living for ourselves and families. Our tables are empty.

Today, unmployment and high prices confront us. We aren't satisfied with this grinding existence. Poverty and starvation leave us no room. We don't walk the streets for the joys and liberties of so doing, it's our work. Why then doesn't the government stop harassing us and keep moving us on? What do they want from us? Why then are they insulting us and determined to bury us alive?

We do not accept tbe harassment of our work and trade by the government or the Kurdistan Front because any force which doesn't look after our lives, children and familes doesn't mean anything to us.

We therefore declare that until the government sorts out our living we will in desperation carry on with our work and trade.

Honoured Street Hawkers!

We need each others' unity and solidarity. We need to assemble together and to resist the attacks on us, to impose or have our demands validatcd by the euthorities. We shouldn't be satisfied with our work today but be united for the social security rights denied us. Our life must be guaranteed by all the wealth and the oil which exists in our country. Otherwise, what do we want this or that government for? To carry on with this near impossible life in front of their eyes? And yet all the money and wealth are in the hands of the rulers and authorities and they want to bury us alive in poverty, starvation and unemployment.

Let's build street hawker unity in Sulliemania City.

Committee of Street Hawkers of Sulliemania.

July 2nd 1991.

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