The Scotch Cuckold

Twenty years and mear at Edinborrow
   Jockey liv'd Unmarry'd,
At last he would to London gang, and there
   the silly Loon miscarry'd;
While Kate the Brown, the Plump,
      The Frowzy Browzy,
      Hoyty Toyty,
   Covent-Garden Harridan,
Soon made poor Jockey's Head to Ake,
   And spoyl'd him for a merry Man.

Wae is me he cry'd, that ever I should
   change my free Condition,
The Quean my Wife will gad abroad,
   whilst I meet ev'rywhere Derision;
I may sigh and Pine and Whine,
      And run about,
      The Town about,
   Each hour crying Welladay,
With roaring Boys she diverts her time,
   And all the Week makes Holiday.

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Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin