Men Have All Had Their Own Way For Too Long

oh men have all had their own way for too long
& i don't believe they'll ever see that it's wrong
they won't change their ways just to please us
if we killed them all off it'd be much less fuss -
    with a womminy womminy womminy way

a bit of castration's alright for a laugh
but men are still men without their lower half
they've still got prick heads and they've still got prick hands
to drop nuclear bombs on the seven demands

for we are all women and we are angry
fed up to the teeth of male supremacy
think we'll get ourselves stockings and fill them with lead
& cosh a few fellahs on top of the head

we won't be told what to do with our lives
we'll rise up one day and kill men with knives
we'll bury their bodies in a vegatable plot
& celebrate with a feast when they've had time to rot

for brotherhood's all very well for the brothers
but not for their sisters and daughters and mothers
your non-sexist male is a mythical beast
& like other myths it is better deceased

with parthenogenesis well on the way
it's clear to me that men have had their day
& when they're all gone and the revolution's done
we'll be women together and have lots of fun.

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Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin