The Student's Dream

I dreamed that Policemen beleagured the land,
With Bailies and Provost so bold;
With a frown on each face, and a staff in each hand,
And the Students would quickly be sold.

And I dreamt that one from that purple host,
Came forth my collar to seize;
But I said, Here, Sir, you don't rule the roast,
So let go my coat, if you please.

But with much loud talking, and Charlie's great zeal,
He said he would soon make me walk;
So I then knocked him down, just to make him feel,
That Students do better than talk.

Then the melee commenced, and the blows falling fast,
The Policemen began soon to yield;
Let them try it again, as in days that are past,
And we'll beat them clean out of the field.

'Tis craven to fly when Policemen attack,
And united we'll conquer them all;
We've right on a our side, and our friends at our back,
And Bailies may gang to the wall.

Then let them proclaim, let them fume, let them fret,
If only you all will unite,
To the Council and Police a puzzle we'll set,
And be ready for peace or a fight.

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Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin