Sky-High Joe

O Sky-High Joe wis on the go,
   Some gelagnite tae buy,
So he goes to the Carron Iron Works,
   Tae get a guid supply.

CHORUS:  Ricky doodum day, doo dum day,
         Ricky, dicky doo dum day.

Ah need it fur a special job,
   Ah want the real McKay,
Are ye shair yer gelagnite ignites ?
   The Foreman says "Och Aye."

So Sky-High Joe is on the go,
   An back in Edinbro toun,
He catches a tram at the G.P.O.,
   Wi' the Castle frounin doon.

When Joe gets aff at Liberton,
   He gangs intae a shop,
Tae buy some matches - safety yins,
   For Sky-High Joe's nae dope.

Noo Sky-High Joe is on the go,
   As wily as a fox,
He bides his time till he hears the chime,
   Then nips up tae the box.

Whan the Pillar-Box sees Sky-High Joe,
   It blenches deadly pale,
"Staun back, staun back wi yer hair sae black,
   Ah dinna want your air-mail".

But Sky-High Joe is on the go,
   An Joe's nae staunan snash,
So he staps its gob wi' the special job,
   An jouks like a razor flash.

O Sky-High Joe is on the go,
   An may he be fur lang,
An gin they gie us thir snash agin,
   They'll be hearin the same auld sang.

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Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin