Lord Gordon

Come all ye brave Gordons thro' Scotland's wide border
Lend an ear to my song which will not long detain,
While I in my folly a little divolly,
Since Lord George Gordon's at freedom again.

Whose request was rejected and he most dejected
And kept in confinement for many long day,
Without consolation from friends nor relation,
They durst not come near him no time for to stay.

Himself was accused his honor abused
Without opportunity himself to justify,
But now from plots and meditated cruelty
He is released and set at liberty;

His sweet life was their devotion, but their mistaken notion
Is now come to nothing, and now proved in vain,
With mirth and great joy our time we'll employ,
Since his friends and his country enjoys him again.

The Friars were singing, and still they were bringing
Some falsehoods and lies to gain their wicked ends,
But their false accusations, and wicked meditations
Unto no affect they find none attends.

May heaven's great bounty attend our King
Peace triumph and honour establish his throne,
Thro' all Scotland's wide borders we'll sing o' George Gordon,
And still after ages his name will be known.

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Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin