Celebration Song

While gratitude fills ev'ry breast, and happy faces shine,
While mem'ry twines her laurel wreath round Heriot's hallow'd shrine,
    Come swell the glad'ning strain
    Again, and yet again!
Awake the cheerful song of praise, let youthful rapture reign!
For loving was noble heart, and bountiful his hand,
Whose honoured name shall long adorn the annals of our land.

Now while our Founder's cherished worth each youthful breast inspires,
March on, with steady step and true, like sons of hardy sires!
    A cheer! - a joyful cheer,
    For Heriot's name so dear!
O fondly in our grateful hearts, that name we will revere!
For while old Scotia rears her crest, majestic and serene,
His fame, immortal as her own, shall flourish ever green.

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Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin