The Devil and the Tories

And are you sure the news is true,
   And are you sure at last,
That the devil's gather'd the Tory crew,
   And holds them hard and fast?
Then let us push the bowl about,
   And flowing bumpers urge,
And drink, upstanding, with a shout,
   To Lord John Russell's purge.

CHORUS: For many knaves were in the House,
           And Fools great and sma',
        But the devil's got them on his back
           And carried them awa'.

The corruptionists they struggled sair
   O'er a' to rule the roast;
But they have sunk to rise nae mair,
   And yielded up the ghost.
Then shall we now forgetful be
   Of him who won the day?
No, let us drink with three times three
   A bumper to Earl Grey.

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Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin