A Curse against those who were for the Revolution and Union

Scotland and England must now be united in one Nation!
So we again perjured must be, and take the Abjuration.
The Stuarts' antient true-born race we must now all give over;
We must receive into their place the mongrels of Hanover.
Curst be the Papists, who first drew the King into their persuasion,
Curst be that Covenanting crew, who gave the first occasion
To a stranger to ascend the Throne, by a Stuart's abdication.
Curst be the wretch who seize his throne, and marred our Constitution;
Curst also be all those helped on that cursed Revolution!
Curst be those treacherous traitors who, by their perfidious knavery,
Have brought this Nation now into an everlasting Slaverie.
Curst be the Parliament, that day they gave the Confirmation,
And curst for ever be all they [who] shall swear the Abjuration!

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Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin