The Jolly Cadgers

See the Hospitals before us
In our ears their funds doth ring;
Gold in heaps!  Have mercy on us!
We must plunder while we sing -

CHORUS:  A fig for wills by laws protected,
         Make poor people pay school fees;
         While our greed is undetected,
         All endowments we may seize.

What is Justice?  Reputation?
Who for these a moment cares?
In a case of desperation
Cowards tremble, courage dares!

Rates are paid by all the people -
Raise them high through the School Boards;
Screw them up to double, triple,
But, O!  leave us, the rich hoards!

Have some silly souls objected
To our scheme so ncely planned?
Think they we can be corrected,
Or let pass a prize so grand?

Away with such a gross delusion,
Dream of folly wanting brains;
None could fancy such confusion
Where the power of reason reigns.

Here's success to laws adjusted,
That the charities we gain;
Who dares say we can't be trusted?
On our name who puts a stain?

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Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin