Sir John Boghouse!!

Who cares a single louse
Or with Aytoun pretends to compare him?
He's a mere Tool of the Clique,
Who, although at their last squeak,
Still would use us like GATTON or SARUM;
He's a vile Tool of the Clique &c...

It seems, upon my word,
Rather more than absurd,
That BOGHOUSE should stand for the City;
Although, perhaps, his Name
May give him some small claim
On the votes of the fuilzie Committee!
Though perhaps his dirty Name &c...

This man, 'tis very clear,
Is a total stranger HERE,
Or else I must quite have forgot him,
But the Whigs, it seems, think fit,
As a filthy piece of wit,
To send us both BOGHOUSE and BOTTOM!!!
But the Whigs, it seems, think fit &c...

But our Member we will choose,
Upon rather cleaner views,
And put down every Job whatsomever.
In the foul-burn we will souse
Singing "Freedom and AYTOUN for ever!"
In the foul-burn we will souse &c...

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Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin