It fell aboot the time O Valentine,
Whan the G.P.O.'s gey busy O,
Wi Pillar Boxes fou O Billets-doux,
Thit a High-explosive wan wis sent ti Lizzie O.

Wha's the chiel thit sent ?  Naebody can say,
Polis, Press nir postie O,
Bit there's nane thit kin deny thit his principles wis high,
- An thit Lizzie's smile is wearan kinda frosty O.

Gelagnite ir Dynamite,
T.N.T. ir the Pouther O,
Maks a Valentine incisive til a queyn that's ill-advised,
- An it maks the face O Scotland aa the smoother O.

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Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin