A new warlike song.

To humble Rebellion, establish the laws,
To fight in BRITANNIA's and LIBERTY's cause,
Our country now calls, our KING gives the word,
Once more to unleash the invincible sword.

CHORUS:  And as we're sprung from heroes of great glory and renown,
         Who always were the ornament and support of the crown,
         Let us, like them, stand nobly forth in Liberty's fair cause,
         And defy the Rebel congress to alter our laws.

Our illustrious forefathers who slav'ry disdain'd,
The flight of the proud Roman eagles restrain'd,
No nation but ours could their fury oppose,
Our fathers ne'er turned their backs to their foes.

Let us then remember whose blood fills our veins
(And curs'd be he who his ancestry stains).
The descendants of heroes who never would yield,
Will approve themselves always the first in the field.

'Tis our Sovereign himself who now calls us forth,
Our chieftains the pride and the flower of the north.
And when such a king and such officers call,
The summons must surely be pleasing to all.

Come, then, let us quick to the standard repair,
And share in the toils and the glories of war:
And when under great FRASER'S command we appear,
The proud rebels will soon change their boasting to fear.

To our noble gen'ral a bumper let's fill,
And ev'ry brave HERO who crosses the main,
To conquer AMERICA over again.


Caledonia, Jan. 1. 1776.

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Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin