Oh Wow, Margret

O dear Margret, are you within
When I heard the news, I but to rin,
Down the gate to tell ye, down the gate to tell ye,
Down the gate to tell ye we'll no be left our skin.

O dear woman, O dear, O dear,
There was no the like of this since Mar's year
And I'm a' panting, panting, panting,
I'm a panting frae my heart here.

Weill kend I that a' was nae right,
For I dream'd of red & green a' the last night,
And three cats fighting, and three cats fighting,
And three cats fighting, I wakened wi the fright.

But fare ye weill woman, for I maun gae in
Do ye ken if your neighbour Elspet is in
And auld Rob the barber, and auld Rob the barber,
And auld Rob the barber, for I maun tell him.

Stay a wee, woman, & tell us a' out -
They're bringing in Popery, I doubt I doubt
And a sad Reformation, and a sad Reformation,
And a sad Reformation in a' the kirks about.

Little do we see but muckle do we hear
The French & Americans are a' coming here,
And we'll a' be murdered, we'll a' be murdered,
We'll a' be murdered before the new year.

"Whist woman! - I thought I heard a gun!"
Hout na Marget - it's me, I am fash'd wi' wind,
And I'm glad when it wins awa', wins awa', wins awa',
Glad when it wins awa' free frae my lung".

But never ye fear woman, let them a' come,
For I weild my rock yet for a their necks harm
Before that I yield it, before that I yield it,
Before that I yield it to any French Hom.

For dinna ye mind, in this very floor,
How we a' reeked out, & a' to Shirramoor,
Wi stanes in our aprons, wi stanes in our aprons,
Wi' stanes in our aprons and wrought skaith I'm sure.

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Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin