Dumbarton's Drums

Dumbarton's drums beat bonny, O,
When they mind me of my Johnny, O
How happy am I when my soldier is by
While he kisses and blesses his Annie, O!
Tis a soldier alone can delight me, O
For his graceful looks do invite me, O;
While guarded in his arms, I'll fear no war's alarms,
Neither death nor danger shall e'er fright me, O.

My love is a handsome laddie, O,
Genteel, but ne'er foppish or gaudy, O
Though commissions are dear, yet I'll buy him one this year
For he shall serve no longer a cadie, O.
A soldier has honour and bravery, O;
Unacquainted with rogues and their knavery, O,
He minds no other thing but the ladies or the King;
For every other care is but slavery, O.

Then I'll be the captain's lady, O,
Farewell all my friends and my daddy, O;
I'll wait no more at home, but I'll follow with the drum,
And wheree'er that beats I'll be ready, O.
Dumbarton's drums sound bonny, O,
They are sprightly like my dear Johnny, O;
How happy shall I be when on my soldier's knee,
And he kisses and blesses his Annie, O!

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Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin