Broughton For Ever

Mother of ours benign,
Broughton, our hearts are thine,
   Loving we name thee!
Whether afar or near
Ever we hold thee dear,
   Proud we acclaim thee.

Chorus:  Mother of ours benign,
         We that are callèd thine
         Lovingly name thee,
         Proudly acclaim thee,
         Broughton for ever.

Others may vaunt a scroll
Rich with great names in roll:
   Theirs be the glory.
Time is but young as yet -
Strong in the strength of it
   Write we our story.

Laud we the pioneers,
Who in the dawn of years
   Made for us clearing,
Where they have gone before,
Or in the arts of war,
   March we unfearing.

Proud we salute our dead,
While they lie gathered
   Each to his sleeping;
Bearing the shock of strife,
Buying us fame with life,
   Sure for our keeping.

For all we owe to these,
For all thy memories
   Dear, unforgotten;
This be the prayer we raise -
Thy days be happy days,
   God save thee, Broughton!

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Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin