Come happy children, let us sing

Come, happy children, let us sing,
The pleasures that from temperance spring,
Come, let the world with wonder see,
How blithe pure water drinkers be.

The lovely clouds on high behold,
Flying like birds with wings of gold,
From river, lake, and mighty sea,
The clouds pure water-drinkers be.

Behold the woods, how gladly opes
Each bursting bud to drink sweet drops
Of early dew - bright, falling free:
The woods pure water-drinkers be,

See, see, how merrily the flowers
Quaff gentle Summer's welcome showers -
How fresh, how fair, how full of glee!
The flowers pure water-drinkers be.

When God such boundless bounty showers
On clouds and hills, and woods and flowers,
And little birds - why should not we,
His children, water-drinkers be.

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Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin