The Humours of Glen

Ye Beaux in the city
both humourous and witty
An ear to my ditty
I hope you will lend.
Down in yon garden
I met with a bargain
Which made me pay dear
for the humours of glen.

Being a Beaux in the fashion
I went for diversion
One summer's evening
to Moll berry green
To humour my fancy
I picked up young Nancy
Who made me pay dear
for the humours of glen.

This amorous creature,
her delicate nature
Appeared like Diana,
or some royal queen;
As I was a stranger
I thought it no danger
If I could dance over
the humours of glen.

With amorous kisses,
and sweet melting blisses,
I soon brought this maiden
into my own strain.
I took her by the middle
and tuned up [my] fiddle
In order to play her
the humours of glen.

Away with your speeches
and down with your stitches
I always did love a
young man to be plain;
Come lay me down easy
I'll strive for to please thee,
And gently play me
the humours of glen.

I then laid her down
she never gave me a frown,
We rested when weary
and to it again.
She then said my deary
o this makes me cheary,
For nothing I love as
the humours of glen.

It was in yon arbour
I enjoyed my sweet charmer,
I tun'd up [my] instrument
to a loud strain.
With amorous desire
I thought she'd expire
When I play'd her over
the humours of glen.

But a few days thereafter
I found her a traitor
For I was so disordered
without and within:
[She had proved a foul liar]
this maid for my hire.
Which made me quite sick of
the humours of glen.

But early one morning
I met this fair maiden
She looked at me
as she'd been a friend.
Says she pray don't tease me,
but lay me down easy
And gently play me
the humours of glen.

But I said fair maiden,
[I am a betray'd man]
I hope you'll excuse me,
[my instrument's bent.]
My bags are all split,
and they'll not play one bit,
So devil take yon and
the humours of glen.

For in flannel it's swelling,
in unction I'm bathing,
My tongue is so big,
It hings over my chin;
My teeth are all shaking,
I'm roaring and quaking,
Bad luck to pox'd whores and
the humours of glen.

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Embro, Embro
Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin