The Saughton Hotel

In Embro's fair city there's flashy hotels
Wi' good board and lodgings for a' you big swells;
But the greatest of these is now in full swing -
Five beautiful buildings controlled by the King.

CHORUS:  There's bars on the windies, there's bars on the doors,
         And great wooden benches attached to the floors;
         Sure I ought to know, cause I've been there mysel -
         For ten years hard labour in Saughton Hotel.

I came through by train and an escort by bus
I drove through the streets with the greatest of fuss;
I drove through the streets like a Lord Mayor in state
And never got oot till I stopped at the gate.

And at the reception they asked me my name
My age and my address, the reason I came;
I answered these questions, a screw rang the bell
For me to bath at Saughton Hotel.

One Sunday morning I ordered an egg
The jailer thought I was pulling his leg
He up on a table and he gave a great yell -
"Jail birds don't lay eggs in Saughton Hotel."

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Embro, Embro
Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin