A New Scotch Song

Walking down the Highland Town,
   There I saw Lasses many;
But upon the Bank in the highest Rank,
   Was one more gay than any;
I look'd about for one kind face,
   And I saw Billy Scrogy;
I ask'd of him what was her Name,
   They call'd her Catherine Logy.

I travelled East, and I travelled West,
   And I travelled through Strabogy;
But the fairest Lass that e'er I see,
   Was pretty Catherine Logy.

I travelled East, and I Travelled West,
   And Travel'd through Strabogy;
But I'd watch a long Winters Night,
   To see fair Catherine Logy.

I've a Love in Lamer Moor,
   A dainty Love in Leith, Sir;
And another Love in Edinborough,
   And twa Loves in Dalkeith, Sir.

Ride I East, or Ride I West,
   My Love She's still before me,
But gin my Wife shou'd ken aw this,
   I shou'd be very sorry.

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Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin