Roslin Castle

Frail man, how like the meteor's blaze!
How evanescent are thy days!
Protracted to its longest date,
How short the time indulg'd by Fate!
Nor force Death's potent arm can brave,
Nor Wisdom's self elude the grave,
Where-e'er our various journies tend,
To this we soon or late descend.

Thither from mortal eyes retir'd,
Though oft beheld, and still admir'd,
ST CLAIR to dust its claim resigns,
And in sublimer regions shines.
Let us, whom ties fraternal bind,
Beyond the rest of human kind,
Like ST CLAIR live, like ST CLAIR die,
Then join th'Eternal lodge on high.

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Embro, Embro
Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin