The Fellow Crafts Song

Hail Masonry!  thou craft divine!
   Glory of earth, from heav'n reveal'd!
Which doth with jewels precious shine,
   From all but masons eyes conceal'd.

CHORUS: Thy praises due who can rehearse,
        In nervous prose, or flowing verse?

As men from brutes distinguish'd are,
   A mason other men excels;
For what's in knowledge choice and rare
   But in his breast securely dwells?

CHORUS: His silent breast and faithful heart
        Preserve the secrets of the art.

From scorching heat and piercing cold,
   From beasts whose roar the forest rends,
From the assaults of warriors bold,
   The masons art mankind defends.

CHORUS: Be to this art due honour paid,
        From which mankind receives such aid.

Ensigns of state, that feed our pride,
   Distinctions troublesome and vain,
By masons true are laid aside;
   Art's freeborn sons such toys disdain.

CHORUS: Ennobled by the name they bear,
        Distinguish'd by the badge they wear.

Sweet fellowship, from envy free,
   Friendly converse of brotherhood,
The lodge's lasting cement be,
   Which has for ages firmly stood.

CHORUS: A lodge thus built for ages past
        Has lasted, and shall ever last.

Then in our songs be justice done
   To those who have enrich'd the art,
From Adam to *_________ down,
   And let each brother bear a part.

CHORUS: Let noble masons healths go round,
        Their praise in lofty lodge resound.

* Insert the Gr. Master's name for the time.

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Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin