The Carter

As Dunky in a gutter lay
To vent his woes alone
A Sullen Carter came that way
and heard an awfu groan
Hard is my fate he often cry'd
Thus cruelly to fall
where I can never hope for aid
from freinds in old Capehall

The Carter ey'd him with a sneer
Says Lad you'v got your Cups
Oh oh!  he cry'd too much I fear
Pray Neighbour help me up
The Carter coolly gave a curse
You's ly and Rot for me
But if you'v money in your Purse
I'll drive you to Dundee

Of all the Stock that I had here
A Shilling yet remains
For Gods sake place me in your Cart
And take it for your pains
Then streight the Carter traild him out
besmeard with dirt and glar
And without more ado he put
The Hero in his Car

Poor Dunky not one look could move
Nor more to him was spoke
On with his Load the Carter drove
a whistling Hearts of Oak
And when he came where he should stop
To tell it gives me pain
For in a Gutter he had dropt
Poor Dunky once again.

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Embro, Embro
Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin