Caller O'u (The Boatmen of the Forth)

When winter winds howl, and the sea rolling high,
Our boatmen sae brave all dangers defy
Their last haul on board, they steer for the shore,
Their live cargo landed is soon at our door.

CHORUS:  Caller o'u!  Caller o'u!
         Caller o'u frae the Forth
         Caller o'u!  Caller o'u!

At night round the ingle sae canty are we,
The oyster lass brings her treat frae the sea;
Wi' music and sang, as time passes by,
We hear in the distance the creel lassie's cry.

Success to the boatmen at hame and awa',
At kirk and at fair there's nane gaes sae braw;
And lead be their dames, sae blythesome and fair;
Their voice in the evening is music to hear.

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Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin