The Spanish Lady

As I went up through Edinburgh city
Being at twelve o'clock at night
There I spied a Spanish lady
Dressing herself with the candle light.

"Madam, I am come to court you,
In hopes your favour for to gain.
If you kindly entertain me,
Maybe I'll come back again."

"Sit ye down, ye're hearty welcome,
Sit ye down, ye're hearty so,
Sit ye down, ye're hearty welcome,
Whether ye come back or no."

"Madam, I've got gold and silver,
Madam, I've got house and lan',
Madam, I've got men and maidens,
All shall be at your comman'."

"What care I for gold or silver?
What care I for house or lan'?
What care I for men or maidens?
All I want is a handsome man."

"Madam, you deal much in beauty,
That's a flower will soon decay,
The fairest flower in all your garden,
When winter comes, will fade away."

"Ripest apples soonest rotten,
Hottest love is soonest cold,
Young men's vows, they're soon forgotten,
Pray, young man, don't be so bold.

"First comes lilies, then comes roses,
First comes April, next comes May.
After one there comes another,
All to pass the time away."

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Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin