The Edinburgh Ramble (1)

You lovers of sporting
Galanting and Courting
and drinking and ranting
attend to my tale
It is of my Rambles
and how I have Gambl'd
and what sad misfortunes
unto me befell.

From the north I came
to see that brave place
in Edinburgh of fame
I lost all my grace.
I met with Companions
Moll, Nelly and Peg
who made me pay dearly
for Bobing in bed.

Having plenty of Gold
I did Court young and old
learn'd soon to swear bold
Court ladys of pleasure
Till cheat by their Cullys
and beat by their Bullys
At length I was noddle stript
of all my treasure.

Their pranking and pratling
all the long night
With drinking and sparkling
was all my delight
Till beat by the Ladies
though verry well bred
Who made me pay dearly
for Bobing in bed.

In Gold lace and scarlet
I met with three Harlots
Attended by Varlets
A Low Bow I made.
I viewing their faces
their Cloths and their laces
of high Blood I thought these
O! Cursed Damn'd jades

One smiled in my face
with her bright eyes
her heart in a pause
now sighing she dies
She fell in swoon
and tosst up her leg
which was invitation
for Bobing in bed

I flew to relieve her
Caress'd her with pleasure
So soon as I squeez'd her
She felt my pulse move,
Then sighing cry'd Stranger,
you are my Danger,
my wounds are incurable,
I am in Love.

So smart was her tongue
her hair and her gate
with beauty arround;
she made my heart ache.
She invited me with her
away she me led
rais'd my Inclination
for bobing in bed.

She plac'd me a Chair,
all pleasure was there
while close sat my dear
and my finger she press'd
Desir'd me to dine
Call'd Boldly for wine
with all Delicacies
that were of the best.

Then dancing and jinking
was all her delight,
and boxing of monkies
throughout the long night.
With Cannon-gait breeches
and bees in my head
which made me pay dearly
for bobing in bed.

While sweet sleep did please me
O then they did Cease me
of Gold they did rob me
of watch ring and Box
Without Cloths or shirt
they laid me in dirt
with an old nasty blanket
all lined with Pox

'Gainst the whores I swore
but all was in vain
for every young whore
near knew me by name.
In mean Cloths I walked
and Begging my bread
but Curs'd the Dam'd Bitches
for Bobing in bed.

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Embro, Embro
Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin