O God, the holy and the just,
Look not with anger's flashing eye;
Behold me prostrate in the dust,
Hear a repenting sinner's sigh.

My sins like ocean's sand abound,
My sins are stained with crimson hue;
The burden sinks me to the ground;
To heaven I dare not lift my view.

How blest if I to reason's voice
Had yielded an obedient ear;
Blest, if thy will had been my choice,
Thou my delight, and thou my fear.

Alas!  the passions in my frame,
By vice perverted, onward press'd,
With blindful violence o'ercame,
The voice of conscience in my breast.

Lord, I am worthy to receive
The dreadful sentence "Thou shalt die";
But, that in mercy I may live,
Turn, turn thy face to Calvary.

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Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin