Glory, Glory to the Hibees

There is a bonny fitba team at Easter Road they play,
I go along to cheer them every other Saturday,
In colours green and white the finest in the land today,
   The Hibs go marching on.

CHORUS: Glory, glory to the Hibees,
        Glory, glory to the Hibees,
        Glory, glory to the Hibees,
        We are the Hibee Boys.

Against the Continentals we have always stood the test,
Against the famous English clubs we're better than the rest,
We've beat the champs of Europe and we are by far the best,
   As we go marching on.

And when I dream of bygone days, as I do now and then,
I dream about the forward line who were our greatest men,
Smith, Johnstone, Reilly, Turnbull, Ormond we won't see again,
   But their memory marches on, gie the ba' tae Reilly.

And now we've got a younger team I dinnae want to brag,
I only want to say the Scottish Cup is in the bag,
We're going to top the league next year and win the Scottish flag,
   As we go marching on.

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Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin