Miss Gordon of Gight

O whare are ye gaeing, bonny Miss Gordon?
O whare are ye gaeing, sae bonny and braw?
Ye've married wi' Johnny Byron,
To squander the lands of Gight awa'.

This youth is a rake, frae England is come,
The Scots dinna ken his extraction ava;
He keeps up his misses, his landlords he duns,
That's fast drawn the lands o' Gight awa'.
   O whare are ye gaeing,&c.

The shooting o' guns, and rattling o' drums,
The bugle in woods, the pipes in the ha';
The beagles a howling, the hounds a growling,
These soundings will soon gar Gight gan awa'.
   O whare are ye gaeing, &c.

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Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin