Clout the Ca'dron

There was a lady fair and she lo'd a gentleman
and she could not get him when she would but took him now and then
    with a fa da dra &c

   [ Fal lal lal lal lal lal lal lal lal
     lal lal lal lal lal lal
     fal lal lal lal lal lal lal lal
     fal lal lal lal lal lal. ]

She wrote to him a letter and seal'd it with a ring
she bad him become a tinkler before any other thing

O when this merry gentleman this letter he did read
he got his budget on his back his apron on with speed

With bag and baggage on his back and budget in his apron
a long pyk staff into his hand like to his occupation

His bonny face was smother'd black that he should not be known
a leatheron wallet on his back his breeches rent and torn

His hammers and his pincers so well's they did agree
and he like a lusty tinkler came louping o'er the lee

Till he came to the ladys gate to knock he did not spare
the porter he came to the gate who knocks so rudly there

I am a tinkler to my trade I work for meat & fee
have ye any broken pots or pans pray bring them down to me

whe she beheld his countenance then she began to wink
rise up my lusty butler and give my tinkler drink

'Tis give him drink as we do drink & meat as we do use
I never saw a tinkler good offers to refuse

When he had eat & drunk his fill the truth of it was so
She took the tinkler by the hand his work to him to show

She took him by the hand & she led him in the dark
but he wou'd not ca' a nail to her down off a hundred mark

She took the hammer in her hand and she began to strike
to let her weded lord to know the tinkler was at wark

Strike on strike on tinkler she says strike on & dinna slack
for there is not a tinkler in all the land has such a stiddy stock

it is a steddy stock madam I must needs confess
I never did get such a heat upon a ca'drons arse

She went into the room her husband for to tell
but did not tell him any thing that in the dark befel

He is a gallant tinkler but he is wonder dear
he takes ha'f a mark for every nail the truth if you will hear

it haf a mark for evry nail, and fourty for the ca'ing
by my faith then says the lord I'd better buy a new one

When he went into the room his money for to fetch
before that he came back again she got the other touch

Now when the tinkler took his leave she bad him not need sending
for there's not a month in all the year but our ca'dron will need mending

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Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin