The Twa Doos

There were twa doos sat in a dookit;
Twa wise-like birds, and round they luikit;
An' says the ane unto the ither,
"What dae ye see, my good brither?"

"I see some pickles o' gude strae,
An' wheat some fule has thrown away;
For a rainy day they should be boukit." -
Sae doon they flew frae aff their dookit.

The snaw will come an' cour the grund,
Nae grains o' wheat will then be fund;
They pickt a' up, an a' were boukit,
Then round an' round again they luiket.

O lang he thocht, an lang he luiket,
An' aye his wise-like head he shook it;
"I see, I see, what ne'er should be,
I see what's seen by mair than me.

"Wae's me, there's thochtless, lang Tam Grey,
Aye spending what he's no to pay;
In wedlock, to a taupie hookit,
He's ta'en a doo, but has nae dookit.

"When we were young it wa na sae;
Nae rummelgumpshion folk now hae;
What gude for them can e'er be luiket,
When folk tak' doos that hae nae dookit!"

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Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin