The Mason Lads

As I went out an eeran', 'twas on an evenin' clear
From the city to the new toon my course it was to steer
And as I walked along the bridge most beautiful and fair
Above a hundred mason lads they were all working there.

This beautiful bridge which they have built it really made me stand
To see how they do trample on the work of their own hands
But they have built it so secure and crime they think it none
From the city to the new toon the carriages on it run.

It was at six o'clock at night the sun was going down
And to each habitation every mason lad was boun'
And when I viewed the mason lads I really much admire
As they to their respective dwellings each one he does retire.

When I go to my window and at the same look o'er
To see the beautiful building I really much admire
With their struts and their primlets which they have built so high
With their turrets and their brazen tops all reaching to the sky.

I am a maid of fortune near sixteen thousan' pounds
And for this generous mason lad I'd freely lay it down
Though he be of mean parentage and I of high degree
As long as I've an hour to live his loving wife I'd be.

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Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin