The Provost's Nap

CHORUS:  Up in the mornin's no for me -
         Up in the mornin' early.
         The Bailies and I could never agree
         To rise in the mornin' early.

Bright shines the sun frae east to west,
The breeze is blawin' rarely -
The royal squadron's at the Pier -
The Queen is landed fairly.

The Castle guns roar unco loud,
And coaches drive fu' sairly;
And loudly rings the bell for me -
What can they mean sae early?

The chimney-taps are clad wi' crowds -
The Archers muster fairly -
The balconies begin to fill -
Yet sure it's rather early!

It's braw to tend on Majesty,
And princes deck'd sae rarely,
But what's thae pleasures to a nap?
It beats them hallow fairly.

"What means that thund'rin' at the door?
They'll break the pannels surely.
I'll hae them laid in ward, I will,
And that too, most securely!"

Up flew the Provost's bed-room door,
Which filled wi' spectres sparely,
"O Provost!  Provost!  dree the day
Ye miss'd our Queen sae fairly!"

The Provost dous't his coul, and cried -
"What!  had she pass'd the Barrier?"
"O!  yes, my lord, the High School too -
She could nae langer tarry her."

The Provost sabb'd, and sigh'd and moan'd -
O! had I just been near her -
I'll greet, and grunt, and groan, and die -
Neglect shall ne'er pay dearer."

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Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin