Edina's Welcome to the Gallant 42nd Regiment

EDINA, rejoice with shouts join the praise,
of SCOTIA's Watch who has conquered your faes,
They've come to salute you these true sons of fame
Those HEROES of FLEURIS, deserving the NAME.

CHORUS:  The Highland Watch is Scotias theme, for they have done the work,
         God bless their Great Commander Prince Frederick Duke of York,
         For sending to Edina's towers such men of great renown,
         A race sprung from pure Scottish blood and glory of her Crown.

To tell all their actions, what volume could contain,
From the first of the contest, to WATERLOO's red plain?
They have ever had victory, they have ever been brave,
Denying to fill a vile coward's dark grave.

MACARA, thy name shall with CAMERON's be blest,
And great HUNTLY, shall carve from his rocks a fair Bust,
To shew our brave Sons, who may after appear,
That MACARA, and CAMERON, are names ever dear.

Thrice welcome, great HEROES, to your Native Hills,
May you rest from your Labours by their wimpling rills,
and when He! who recalls all the troops here below,
Place you Veterans in Heaven, and with Wreaths deck each Brow!

Chorus when social.

"Then fill up a Bumper, while here we remain,
"And drink to the sweet little ISLE! of the MAIN,
"And to every brave HERO! whose heart was so true,
"To Conquer, or Die, on thy field WATERLOO!

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Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin