The King's Arrival

One girl is chosen as "King." She faces the others and all sing:

Here's the King's arrival, arrival, arrival,
Here's the King's arrival, E, I, O.
What d'ye want here sir; here, sir; here, sir;
What d'ye want here, sir? E, I, O.

The "King" sings:

I want to marry, marry, marry,
I want to marry, E, I, O.

All the others sing:

Marry one of us, sir; us, sir; us, sir;
Marry one of us, sir; E, I, O.

The "King" turns her back on the others, and sings while scraping her feet on the ground:

You're all too dirty, dirty, dirty,
You're all too dirty, E, I, O.

The others all turn from the "King,", scraping their feet and singing:

Just as good as you, sir; you, sir; you, sir,
Just as good as you, sir, E, I, O.

They turn and face the "King," who chooses one by pointing. The two sing:

Now we're married, married, married,
Now we're married, E, I, O.

Then the "King" joins the others, the chosen "Queen" becomes "King", and the game starts all over again.

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