Millions! Millions!! Millions!!! of Money
To be given away in Two Prizes.

At the Philiphaugh Crystal Palace Exhibition of the Model of R.P. Lennox the Engineer's Important Discovery of Self-Acting Power.

Also seen in the Vision now Exhibiting, Catholic or Universal, or all Roman Church Government Universally.


ROBERT PATERSON LENNOX, under the name of his Father, now deceased, who was Lennox, as they were descended from the noble family of Lennox, and now the considered heir of the property now dormant, belonging to the family or dukedom of Lennox, also one of the Company contending at law for the river Ettrick and Yarrow waterfalls, and land they feued from John N. Murray, Esq. of Philiphaugh, as before advertised, and now the discoverer of this Self-Acting Power, after assisting his father the greater portion of twelve years in fitting up models of machinery for a Self Acting Power to propel machinery, free of expense, with the exception of its cost, tear, and wear, and time after time non-plussed for want of power, begs to intimate the Public that he has now got power in a very singular yet simple way, by means of the Picture of a Vision as seen by Mrs. N. Murray of Philiphaugh, in the year 1849, in month of March, and again in the year 1850, in the same month, and presented by her to him in November 1851, with a request to work it out, it being revealed to that lady by divine elucidation. He will now (Deo Volente) by the assistance of a very rich Company, fit up a model in a very large building, the ground for which, together with a large waterfall, he, with three others, has feued off John N. Murray, Esq. of Philiphaugh, before his discovery, for the purpose of erecting upon it a large Woollen Factory and Machine House, at a cost of upwards of One Hundred Thousand Pounds Sterling, where one of the Company's Servants will be appointed to show the model of this power, on a certain day to be afterwards advertised, when the buildings and machinery are completed; and as this power is worth so many millions of money to him, he will give the man, woman, or child, of any clime or colour on the whole surface of the terraqueous globe, who will come forward that day and best explain that Vision, and point out to him, or one or other of the Company's Agents, by what, as is represented in the Vision he was led to see this power, and where it is to be seen, and by what it is to be got, will be given a Prize of Fifteen Hundred Thousand Pounds Sterling; and to the Church where they may have made a declaration of adherence to, or at that day declares they will adhere to, will be given a Prize of Fifteen Hundred Thousand Pounds Sterling; also, and in order that this Vision be fully understood, it will be exhibited in every city and village at a small charge for each individual who would wish to obtain the Prize; and after its having been exhibited nearly two years, it is now looked to for a Holy Catholic Church Government Universal throughout all nations universally; therefore, that Catholics may not hinder the work by being simply content with the anticipation thereof; looking to this admitted truth, yet seeming as if entirely quiescent, and doing nothing to prepare the material for building upon the foundation of this data, R.P. Lennox now begs to state that the Holy Catholic Church (Deo Volente) upon Orthodox principles, and with reverence be it spoken, by the help of the Lord God Almighty, will now prelusively, through their instrumental irradiance with respect to the desired object, proceed to execute the desired work by the migration and evacuation, in the first instance, of all hindrances that may divaricate, impugn, or ostensibly oppose the performance thereoof, the universal production of which, all Catholics will admit is very essential to the more facile and universal extension of the Holy Catholic Church; and now to speak more definitely, and illustrative of some of the features of the Picture here presented before your mind's eye, which, if properly understood and consistently promulgated, received, and preserved, this inward adorning by producing through aid divine the fertile inward and outward coalescence of Heavenly love, Catholic, however up-hill the road, by keeping Jesus in their mind's eye, would, as it were, everywhere appear distilled and clear as the dewdrops of the morning, or, in other words, your manifest, emphatic, and emanative works of love, through the copious showers of Jesus Christ's expiatory love, sent from our Triune God above, would palpably and efficiently shine, producing, dilucidating, and dilating, through aid divine, richness to the soil, till Jesus, by his freely imparted strength, causing such an exuberant, exhilarating, and inciting influence to good, like the rays of the sun, producing and diffusing spontaneous fragrance through the flowers of the Jessamine, shall efficiently expansive chime once more on Britain's hills and plains, and make this sonorous solemn sound to equiponderate earth's vast domains, and this capacious, pathetic, and sublime work in the Catholic Church. R.P. Lennox, as he shall be aided of God and without ostentation prelusively to premonstrate in few words, shall in the ultimate produce the more visible, facile, and universal extension here below of the theocracy of Him who is now exalted a Prince and Saviour, to give repentance unto Israel, and the remission of sins; thus, by the unchangeable cogency of Jesus, working for and by the Instrumentality of the Holy Catholic Church, this shall, in the ultimate of the conflict, now seriously commenced between Catholicism and Heresy, be placidly yet triumphantly produced in the opportune and uberous display of the development of his veracity, and the entire completion at that day of that which he to the cogent and tangible demonstration of his entity, and the indubitable proof of the consummate foolishness of Heresy in every phasis of its variegated blendings, hath faithfully promised shall be gloriously performed, to the lasting disgrace and utter discomfiture of all his and the Church's enemies, thus the vision, explain it who will, being in the ultimate wrought out by the essential cogency of the incarnate Holy Son of God, shall most indubitably at that day produce, through the emanative efficience of the manifested love of Jesus Christ our Saviour, such oneness, coalescence, tranquility, and primitive renovation in the Church, as shall most certainly, in the face of all obtension, be accounted the commencement of the promised and glorious milessimal age, when the effluent, efficient, illuminating rays of the Beloved Son of Righteousness shall, legibly written as in words of flaming fire, strike through and dispel the vulnerable mists of heretical darkness, till that day that the Holy Catholic Church, being fully emancipated, shall, in the beautiful robes of her universal Catholic government, shine forth in the effulgence of all her bespangled meridian and latter day glory; therefore, in the first place, should there be beauty in this landscape or fragrance in this flower, however obscure the success of this important work may appear to the heretical portion of the world, the Holy Catholic Church, not to display any desire for ambition, but in order to free themselves from any remissness or dereliction of duty to God and man, and on the other hand to exhibit as instruments for God, imperative, universal, pregnant, and spotless obedience to the divine will, as is required to be seriously observed, and through the strength of Jesus Christ, in in all its phasis strictly and munificently performed, and the by the authority of a just and holy God, and to make manifest that they have a proper and sure basis, with their colours ever flying, and will fully realize what they now anticipate will in the ultimate be universally resuscitated, should now, and be it their ultimatum as a Church under God, and by way of prepotency of agency, give colour to, or render perceptible, as far as is requisite, what may now appear invisible in the Picture, or bestir themselves to forward to completion may still appear intactible in the embryo of the work as now begun, universal, and also progressing; therefore they, in order, emphatically and in an organic or instrumental manner, to give efficacy to what is now occult to all the obdurate, stubborn, and impious, yet embodied in this universal, patent, efficient, supernatural, much-esteemed, and propagative Vision, as it is now derived and obvious to every unprejudiced mind, that now is the time to occupy for the manifestation of Catholic Church victory; therefore, as this hour has been anxiously looked for, but now deciphered and positive, every supporter of the Holy Catholic Church throughout the nations of the earth universally, should each now vie in being prepared and virile, or manly, bold and courageous to do her service, as the blood of many martyrs for truth still cryeth to Lord of Sabaoth to be avenged, and now should be therefore in accordance with the Vision now exhibiting, the Catholic Church Universal will now, through divinely imparted strength, be at their post, and being divinely called, unsheath the sword, the Emperor Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, the third of the French, with his army, and other Governments also on the Continent with their armies, and all the supporter universally of his Holiness Pope Pius the Ninth, should commence to prepare their armies for the Universal Catholic Church conflict, and bring forth these armies, commencing in the months of February, March and April, 1854, and onwards into the battle field, as the Catholic Church, as perceived in the Vision, though the War, being universal, should be greatly protracted, the Government of Rome being there now elevated, will ultimately and superlatively, and by the arm of the Lord, triumph over every Episcopalian or heretic opposed to their faith in Ireland, England, Scotland, and throughout the world, and those now who will not believe that the Holy Catholic Church, through divine aid, is now in an organic, cogent, and sufficient tangible manner working out the salvation of the world, and doing the will of Him who is our triune God most high; therefore, that the Prizes may also be paid, and a working model of this Self-acting Power exhibited, the Holy Catholic Church under God having in the ultimate obtained the decisive victory, by the co-operation of the Emperor Louis Napoleon the Third of the French, &c., R.P. Lennox, and not for his self-aggrandizement, but in order to perpetuate this antecedent Catholic victory over Episcopacy and all Heresy, should now, by all the true supporters of Catholicism, who have a desire to be virile and to vie in supporting the Church Catholic and Universal, be universally aided and accompanied by all Catholics of the true Orthodox Faith, as you may now perceive is begun to dawn in this our horizon, and be put in possession of the moneys and vast property now due him as heir of the dukedom of Lennox, as he by means of this discovery was first made to understand is now dormant, also as that part of the building now erecting at Philiphaugh will be approaching towards completion by the Whitsunday month 1854, he should at that Scotch term, and against all Episcopalian oppugnancy &c., be put into possession of the twenty acres of land, and waterfalls, he and Company has now feued to perpetuity from John N. Murray, Esq, there; as Catholics must (Deo Volente) at that day, under God and in the ultimate, universal and superlatively triumph, so that Catholic valour and munificence, &c., shall, in and by divine strength, prior to complete success, be perceived to be decisively grand and picturesquely beautiful in the extreme, and in the ultimate of this deadly conflict be perceived by friends in order to the confutation of foes, to be no feigned chimera, as modern heretics, blinded by sin, satan, and his emissaries, would have it to be, together with that part of the building now erecting by the Company, to whom it is at present wrongously let on the side of the mill lade, and damages also, both for the stoppage in the interim of R.P. Lennox and Company's procedure, with this extensive Woollen Factory and Machine House, and their designing to prevent the Exhibition of the Model of this power, as Lennox could not break his word, having advertised to hold this Exhibition in that building anterior to being denied his and the Company's doubtless legal right to the feu, therefore there is a very great amount of money now due, but at present wrongously denied R.P. Lennox and Company, now residing at Bullsheugh near Selkirk and Philiphaugh in Scotland; thus in the interim, by this illegal inimical aggression on the part of the Proprietor of Philiphaugh, as might be brought more prominently to public view, in first concluding a bargain with Lennox and Company, and afterwards demanding from him the double of the feu, &c., therefore, preventing not only the Manufactory and Machine-House operations being carried on by them, but now preventing the universal world also from reaping the benefit of this valuable discovery; yet this momentous struggle can only endure for a short time, however entrenched and oppressive the adversary may appear, as the anger of God is now visibly begun to burn, and being irresistible, must envelop in flames all such unrepented of flaming and relentless iniquity; and in ordr that the Vision may be fully wrought out and made cogent and tangible, now should commence the universal downfall of Episcopalianism, &c., as the Catholic Church under God is now bent to commence and now embrace the decisive hour, and now undauntedly their Catholic rights they should assert, and thus

Through support let the stubborn heretics now see,
By a manifesto of Catholic rule, universal universally
The Catholic Church conflicts universal o'er land and sea,
  And by momentous ocular speedy demonstration,
For Catholics no longer slaves disrobed shall be;
Also, as vessels that steer and storm the sea,
They now will fight and conquer blinded heresy,
  In the phiz of all oppugnancy in this and every nation;
Likewise, enunciate that Catholics shall be free,
While then such glorious acts of chivalry,
You and your children and their children see,
  Admit that Catholics now supported be to elevation.

It may here also be stated that twice over has R.P. Lennox and Company been at the trouble, while plunged into very distressed circumstances, to summon the adverse party before the Minister and Elders of two Kirk Sessions, first at Jedburgh and afterwards at Selkirk, where it was scarcely possible to get justice done him, and give in his declaration of circumstances; and after having twice carried the same to Edinburgh, and put it into the hands of the reporters of the Court of Session through the agents of the Poor's roll, and because he would not act contrary to his declaration and the Act of Sederunt also, and forward money to the officials of the Court, and I suppose also bcause he was at law against an Episcopalian gent, the case could not be brought before the Court, however illegal their proceedings might be, and offending to, and in the sight of Holy God; therefore, R.P. Lennox is now necessitated to issue these statements, along with the former advertisement of his discovery to the world, knowing that he will be most gladly listened to, for Catholics, while in the enjoyment of Divine tranquility, through the inflatus of Heavenly influence, will not now be marred in their should-be tangible love proceedings, as the rulers of the world will not suffer such ill usage much longer; therefore, as will ultimately be obvious to all, be they (Nolens Volens) the French nation, &c., and all the true supporters of his Holiness Pope Pius the Ninth, within the United Kingdom, under their superior commanders, as is obvious from that part of the Vision already fulfilled, will quickly, giving glory to God, walk or die in order to further emancipate the Catholic Church throughout the length and breadth of the British isle, and thereby be an impetus towards the establishment of Catholic freedom throughout the entire globe; for such injustice in law proceedings should not prevent the Exhibition, nor yet the Prizes being given away at that day at Philiphaugh, therefore Catholics should now no longer be kept under any such cruel bondage either in civil or religious matters, but should put energy to work through the aid of their superiors, and henceforth giving no quarter to sin, silence and burn up every iniquitous or inimical system, and quickly endenizen or make free themselves, as Catholics divinely aided shall do, and both superlatively antecedent and ultimately perceive, from the effects of those occluse, yet patent and by heretics despised, but now cogent, tangible, universal, opportune, beatific, Catholic Vision, and thus awake and unashamed of Jesus or his authority, let Catholics, without irascibility or phrenzy in the path of rectitude, keep pressing on till there be no Church but one - the church of Jesus Christ; and without timidity bearing their cross, do the will and work of him who is the one only the living and true God invincible; and thus through the work of Jesus in and by you, give bright and tangible evidence of your indissoluble union to Him who is the fountain of all true light and love; therefore, as there is only one rule, and that free from error, under which a universal, established, should be national, holy Catholic Church can serve God acceptably and reverently, be then convinced of sin, and resist it immediately with heaven born energy.

For here on earth God is to be feared, extolled, beloved;
He reigns, though now above our loving Savious Jesus lives;
He loves you here, then seek to be by him embraced.
You seem deserted, and forlorn do you, yet Jesus loves;
Also your body and your soul tormented ever lives,
When lost's the bliss enjoyed above in the endless realm,
For then the sinner burns, yet never annihilated feels,
As if immersed in worse than fire - a one eternal storm.
And now you will this Vision then elucidate,
Your universal name to imortalize,
Your Catholic fame to emancipate,
That day that Catholics gain the Prize.

And again, in regard to this Finisher and Propeller of Machinery, as the utility of this power, as was advertised in February 1852, could not be easily estimated, and the discovery yet upon the tapis, the Model (Deo Volente) from the assistance rendered by the Company, will be fitted up for an Exhibition and wonder to all nations, so that when seen in motion, and the Machinery fully displayed that day, this Power will doubtless be the admiration of the universal world, and of incalculable service. R.P. Lennox the Engineer, Merchant, and Manufacturer, &c., being bound by a former advertisement, cannot disclose the secret of this valuable invention to the Public, until they all see the Model in the building at that day of the Exhibition; and as the prizes will in the interim be prepared, they will that day be awarded to the party who will best elucidate the Vision and solve the Problem.

In the meantime, a Litter will be applied to exhibit this Vision as soon as possible, also at Philiphaugh, should Catholics have the Victory, on or after the 26th day of May, 1854.

Day Tickets,     Night Tickets,     Children under 12, Half-Price.

February 13th. 1854

- National Library of Scotland, RB.l.54(86)

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