Musical Pitch Reference

Jack Campin

Last updated: 3 March 2010

This is a hyperlinked list of QuickTime and MIDI sound files, each of which just plays a single note for two seconds. It was intended as a reference for people selling instruments over the net but who don't have access to any instrument of known pitch - I've encountered a few of them and it's very frustrating trying to find out the pitch of an instrument with no common reference point. With these pages, all the seller needs to do is tell the potential buyer where to find this page, find which note matches some note on the instrument, and say what its number in the list is. No need to read music or know how to play anything.

Other people might find it useful for tuning or checking whether fixed-pitch instruments are in tune. Notes are marked if they correspond to open strings or all-fingers-down notes on some common string or wind instruments.

The range is four octaves, 49 notes.

There are four versions:

  1. continuous clarinet tone, QuickTime
  2. repeated piano sound, QuickTime
  3. continuous clarinet tone, MIDI
  4. repeated piano sound, MIDI

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The files were generated using BarFly from an ABC source file included on this site.

If you want to see a numerical table of these pitches, there is one at the UK Piano Page website.

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