Freeware Macintosh Logic Fonts

This directory contains all three freeware logic fonts for the Mac that I know of, apart from fonts for use with TeX:

a font designed (I think) by Luca Cardelli of DEC;
which contains symbols for the specification language Z, designed by Richard Jones of the University of Kent at Canterbury;
a 1987 bitmap font by Bangs Tapscott of the University of Utah.

What I don't have is fonts for older logical notations - like the original notation of Whitehead and Russell's Principia, Lesniewski's symbols, or some of Peirce's oddities. I also don't have symbols for the relational algebra (as used in database theory) or for some of what Tarski and Givant use in A Formalization of Set Theory Without Variables. If you know of freeware versions of these, or have a spare copy of Fontographer you can give me so I can design them, please let me know and I'll link to them or add them to the archive.

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