Only two of the sources I have used have been reprinted in the last 100 years; Thomson's Orpheus Caledonius and Oswald's Caledonian Pocket Companion. While I mostly used the National Library of Scotland, some of these books may be available in a few other libraries, though all are rare and many seem to be unique copies. Microfilms of some books and manuscripts may be available in other libraries; if not it may be possible to get one made.

One type of source I have not made much use of is 18th century song sheets. These were often printed with the melody in two different keys, one to suit singers and one to suit flute players (and sometimes a third one for guitarists). Usually these are quite simple settings. There are hundreds of them in all the main Scottish libraries, not very well catalogued - you have to look at the sheet itself to know if it has a flute part.

Anonymous Manuscript flute tutor Glasgow 1838-9 Glasgow University Library Farmer 193

Anonymous Museum for the German Flute c.1800 NLS Mus.E.s.10

Anonymous Manuscript book Late 18th century NLS MS.758

Anonymous Manuscript book 1790s NLS MS.21752

Anonymous Manuscript with 18th century flute music written in the spare pages of an account book from the minister of St Ninian's, Stirling NLS MS.9681

Anonymous Manuscript book late 18th century NLS MS.3327/Inglis.12

Anonymous Manuscript book "to Mr Cumming..." NLS MS.3339/Inglis.57

Anonymous MS of flute music c.1815? NLS MH.s.286(3)

Anonymous (at least three people) Manuscript book c.1820 NLS MS.21733

Anonymous Manuscript book c.1800 NLS MS.21734

Anonymous Manuscript book late 18th century NLS MS.21752

Anonymous The Amateur's Companion, containing a choice Selection of the most esteemed Songs & Dances, Marches, Waltzes &c. Properly Arranged for the German Flute, Patent Flageolet, Violin or Guitar. London Pubd. by H. Hannam at his Musical Circulating Library & Music Warehouse, N:4, London Road, St. Georges Fields, near the Obelisk. NLS MS.21737(7)

Anonymous Complete repository of strathspeys, reels... for flute or violin Edin. c.1828 NLS Glen.126

Anonymous Complete repository of old and new Scotch strathspeys... arranged for German flute Book 2d. Edin. c.1812 NLS Glen.127

Anderson's Budget of Scotch, English and Irish Slow Airs, for the German-flute or Violin, vol 1 Edinburgh c.1820 NLS Glen.39

Anderson's Budget of Strathspeys, Reeels and Country Dances. For the German-flute or violin. vol 1 Edinburgh c.1820 NLS Glen.28

Anderson's Pocket Companion, vol I (printed on title page; II pencilled in) Perth 1807 NLS Glen.42

The fifers of the Black Watch Set of manuscript tunebooks 1813 NLS MS.21739-44

J. Brysson A Compleat Tutor for the German Flute Edinburgh 1807 NLS Glen.153(1-4)

J. Brysson A Curious Selection of Tunes with Variations Edinburgh, c.1800 NLS Glen.233(2)

J. Brysson Manuscript (usually known as the "Sharpe of Hoddom" MS, in fact compiled by Brysson in the early 1790s; mostly for piano and violin with a few flute tunes largely taken from Aird). NLS MS.3346/Inglis.153

George Cameron The Flute Preceptor Glasgow c.1890 NLS MH.s.111

John Cameron Cameron's Flute Music [also printed as The Flutist's Budget] NLS Mus.D.s.116

John Cameron Duet-Book for the Flute, Violin and Cornopean Glasgow, c.1880 NLS NLS MH.s.93

John Clarkson A Complete Collection of much admired Tunes... 1803 NLS Glen.259

James Davie Davie's Caledonian Flutist Aberdeen c.1842 NLS MH.s.11

Ian Doig Manuscript book 1780 Mitchell Moir Collection M17371

J. Chrichton Donaldson Manuscript book compiled 1853-1855 NLS MS.22170

Daniel Dow 20 Minuets and 16 Reels 1773 NLS Glen.98

George Forrester Flute-player's pocket companion Edinburgh c.1817 NLS Glen.30(1)

Gale's Pocket Companion for the German Flute or Violin New Edition, adapted by R.A. Smith NLS Mus.Box.s.19.14

N. Gow and Sons Complete Repository of... strathspeys, reels, and jigs, adapted for German flute (Books 1 and 2) Edinburgh c.1825 NLS Glen.46

Nathaniel Gow Morgiana in Ireland (2-page sheet with 4 tunes), 1807 NLS Mus.Box.80(4)

Nathaniel Gow arr Henderson Vocal Melodies of Scotland adapted for the flute 1812 NLS Glen.94(2)

John Hamilton Complete Repository of Old and New Scotch Strathspeys, Reels and Jigs, Adapted for the German Flute Edinburgh 1802 (wm1809) NLS Glen.153(3)

James Knox Manuscript book 1750-64 NLS NLS MS.21717

F. Linley Six Solos for the German Flute with a Bass for the Violoncello or Harpsichord Ad Libitum, Composed in a Familiar Style for the Amusement of Juvenile Performers 1780s NLS MH.s.86

J. Macfadyen The Beauties of Melody 18th century Dundee

Alexander McGlashan A Collection of Scots Measures, Hornpipes, Jigs, ... 1781 NLS Glen.236(3)

A. McGoun Junr Music sheet NLS Mus.C.l.139(15)

H.P. Macleod Collection of airs, marches... arranged for two German flutes c.1817 NLS Glen.30(2)

J.Manson (ed) Hamilton's Universal Tunebook 1st ed, 1844 NLS Mus.D.s.11

J.Manson (ed) Hamilton's Universal Tunebook 2nd ed, 1853 NLS Inglis.52

John S. Marr Marr's (Late Cameron's) Flute Music Glasgow NLS Mus.D.s.117

John S. Marr Marr's (Late Cameron's) Flute Tutor Glasgow NLS Mus.D.s.118

James Oswald Caledonian Pocket Companion 1743-48 NLS several copies

Alexander Robertson Caledonian Museum books 1, 2, 3 c.1830 NLS Glen.94(1)

Andrew Small of Carrickfergus Manuscript book 1835 NLS MS.21738

John Thompson Smith Manuscript book, Music for the German Flute (largely English tunes), 1810 NLS MS.21754

Lieut. Tapp of HMS San Josef Manuscript book NLS MS.21735

C. & S. Thompson The Compleat Tutor for the German-Flute London, c. 1790 NLS MH.s.73(1)

James Thomson Orpheus Caledonius 1733 Edinburgh Public Library, NLS several copies

Burk Thumoth Twelve Scotch and Twelve Irish Airs with Variations 1745/6 NLS Glen.191, Inglis.79

Pietro Urbani A favorite Selection of Scots Tunes for two German flutes 1794-99 NLS MH.s.75, Glen.180

G.Wade Manuscript book 1827-1852 NLS MS.21769

Dan Wright Aria di Camera c.1726 NLS F.7.g.10


National Library of Scotland

Music Department, Edinburgh Public Library

Mitchell Library, Glasgow

Local Studies Department, Dundee Public Library

Special Collections Dept, Glasgow University Library

Athole Collection, A.K. Bell Library, Perth

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