My Shop Bill

Peter Forbes, opposite the Flesh Market, High Street, Dalkeith.

   The following Goods I ha'e to sell
      Baith Halesale and Retail;
   An' gif ye come down whar' I dwell
      Ye'se get baith will and wail.

   The Teas are fresh, the Spirits good
      As e'er ran through a filler;
   But syne it's to be understood,
      I deal in Ready Siller.

Finest flavour'd auld French Brandy
   Sugar loaves baith great and sma'
Cinnamon and Sugar Candy
   Sa't an' Starch, like driven Sna'.  *

Sparklin' Port, and shinin' Sherry,
   Glad'nin', genuine, gen'rous Wine,
Fit to cheer and mak' you merry,
   When a bottle ye incline.

China Oranges and Raisins,
   Currans, Almons, Figs an' Prunes,
Foreign Fruits in all their Seasons,
   Tumblers and neat Toddy-spoons.

Common, Steel, an' Stamac Carvie,
   Orange Peel, an' Lemon Skin,
Caller Eggs frae Willie Garvie,
   Some twa youks and some but ane.

Wrappin', Tea, an' Foolscap Paper,
   Butter, Barley, Blue, an' Rice,
Ginger an' Jamaica Pepper,
   Peas, an' Lady's Paradise.

Basses, Bellowses, an' Besoms,
   Pippin Cyder, bright an' clear,
Nappy Ale sold out in dizens,
   Rum, Shrub, an' nice Black Beer.

Pack Thread, Penny Cord, an' Lashes,
   Durham Mustard, superfine,
Soap, wi' Pot and Pearl Ashes,
   Vinegar, the best Champagne.

Brairds an' Lint at different prices,
   Barley-sugar an' split Pease,
Bacon Ham sold out in slices,
   Gloster, Scotch an' Cheshire Cheese.

Great variety o' Brushes,
   Fit for Bakers, Claise, or Hats,
Chrystal Salts an' Sugar Dishes,
   Cruets, Fountains, Mustard Pats.

Smellin' Bottles, fit for Ladies,
   Chrystal Ware o' ilka kin',
Just arrived frae ARCHY GEDDES,
   Plain an' carv'd, baith neat an' fine.

Chrystal Jars, an' Jugs wi' Handles,
   Glasses fit for Gin or Wine,
Rush lights, Dipp'd, and Moulded Candles,
   Azure Blue, an' Ba's o' Twine.

Sulphur, salt fish, sugar allie,
   Kitchen fee, and honey cans,
Blue edg'd dishes, deep or shallow,
   Frae Stafford-shire, an' Preston-pans.

Katchip, Coral's carpet switches,
   Tankards, toddy jugs, tureens,
Tea pots gilt, might serve a duchess,
   Bowls for parritch, punch or sweens.

Carvie Seed an' Corriander,
   Souchong, Congo an' Bohea,
Through a' the country ye may dander,
   Or ye get sic flavour'd Tea.

Aquavitae, auld and bellin,
   That will rouse your dowie heart;
Mak' ye crouse, ilk care dispellin',
   To bell the cat wi' Bonaparte.

Crackin' Nuts, frae Barcelona,
   Cram'd wi' kirnels thin o' shell,
Chesnuts, Walnuts, sound an' bonny,
   Wafers, Cloves, and Sal-prunel.

A' kin kinds o' Foreign Spirits,
   Fit for Tody, Punch or Dram;
If ye want what's guid, then here it's,
   Porter, Beef, or Mutton Ham.

Orders sent in frae the Country,
   I'll attend wi' muckle care,
Either frae Poor Folk or Gentry,
   Sae just now I'll say nae mair.


* this line in the original broadside version:

   Coffee beans and Liquorice Ball.

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Music of Dalkeith
Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin