My Goddess Woman

O' mighty Nature's handywarks,
   The common, or uncommon,
There's nocht thro' a her limits wide
   Can be compar'd to Woman.
The Farmer toils the Merchant trokes.
   Frae dawin to the gloamin
The Farmer's pains, the Merchant's cares,
   Are baith to please a Woman.

The sailor spreads the daring sail,
   Thro' angry seas a foaming;
The jewels, gems o' foreign shores
   He gies to please a Woman.
The Sodger fights o'er crimson fields
   In distant climates roaming;
Yet lays, wi' pride, his laurels down,
   Before all-conquering Woman.

A Monarch lea'es his golden throne,
   Wi' other men in common,
He flings aside his crown, and kneels
   A Subject to a Woman.
Tho' I had a' e'er man possess'd,
   Barbarian, Greek or Roman;
It wad nae a' be worth a strae,
   Without my goddess Woman.

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Music of Dalkeith
Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin