A New Song.

Dedicated to the Reform Committee of Dalkeith in honour of the triumph of Reform.

Saw ye Johnnie comin, quo' she,
   Johnnie Russell comin;
The Reform Bill in his hand,
   And a' the Tories rinnin, quo she,
   And a' the Tories rinnin?

CHORUS:  Saw ye Johnnie comin, quo' she,
            Fee him, father, fee him;
         He'll bring us back our liberty,
            For a' the country's wi' him, quo' she,
            For a' the country's wi' him.

Let bishop louns in their black gowns,
   Wi' a' their Tory faction,
Refuse to grant a nation's bill,
   They'll find there's nae reaction, quo' she,
   They'll find there's nae reaction.

Lord Althorp he's an honest man,
   And fills a noble station;
Long may he be just where he is, -
   A counsellor o' the nation, quo' she,
   A counsellor o' the nation.

Poor doggies what will they say now,-
   We'll stap them in a spluchan,
Then let them bark, wi' Tory Clerk,
   About the constitution, quo' she,
   About the constitution.

Now let them say, whate'er they may,
   About their rotten burghs;
They've got a fa', shame take them a',
   Wi' Tory Geordie Murray, quo' she,
   Wi' Tory Geordie Murray.

That Tory nest o' vermin pest,
   That's fattened on our nation,-
They've got the fling, now let us sing,
   About their deolation, quo' she,
   About their desolation.

Let Brougham and Grey, and a' that may,
Stand true to British freedom,
To steer the helm o' the state,
   We'll a' be sailors wi' them, quo' she,
   We'll a' be sailors wi' them.

Long live the King, long live the Queen,
   May every good attend them;
But a' the Tory croaking frogs,
   To Botany Bay we'll send them, quo' she,
   To Botany Bay we'll send them.

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Music of Dalkeith
Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin