The Free GardenersÕ Battle Song

To meet this day we all agree,
WeÕre brothers bound anÕ brothers free,
Let love anÕ unity then be,
Our public name this morninÕ.

CHORUS: Hey Bonaparte are ye wakinÕ yet,
           Or are your drums a beatinÕ yet?
        Invade us now when ye think fit,
           AnÕ weÕll meet you any morninÕ.

WiÕ music fine anÕ garlands gay,
Our flags anÕ flowers we display,
ResolvÕd to have a cheerfuÕ day,
Like brothers free this morninÕ.

For Bonaparte wiÕs army strong,
Is now encampinÕ round Boulogne,
But soon heÕll find that he is wrong,
For weÕll catch him there some morninÕ.

Come Bonaparte wiÕ yeÕr deep laid plots,
InvadinÕ rafts anÕ strong gun boats,
Our British tars count them but moats,
AnÕ theyÕll tow them hame some morninÕ.

When gardeners free do take the field,
They conquer shall, but never yield;
Each apron blue is a hero sealÕd,
For victory any morninÕ.

WiÕ hedge bill, scythes anÕ garden shears,
If you come here weÕll crop your ears,
AnÕ takÕ you captive wiÕ three cheers,
AnÕ weÕll have a joyful morninÕ.

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Music of Dalkeith
Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin