Depairte, depairte

depairte [depairte] depairte
allace i most depairte
frome her that hes my hart
with hairt full soir
aganis my will in deid
and can find no remeid
i wait the panis of deid
can do no moir

[now most] i go allace
ffrome sicht of hir sueit face
the grund of all my grace
& souerane
quhat chans that may fall me
sall i nevir mirry be
vnto the tyme i se
my sweit agane

i [go and] wait no quhair
i wandir heir and thair
i weip and sichis rycht sair
with panis smart
now most i pas away [away]
in wildirnes & wilsum way
allace this wofull day
we suld depairte

my spreit [dois] quaik(s) for dreid
my thirlit hairt dois bleid
my panis dois exceid
quhat suld i say
i wofull wycht allone
makand ane petous mone
allace my hairt is gone
for evir and ay

throw langour of my sueit
so thirlit is my spreit
my dayis ar most compleit
throw hir absence
chryst sen scho knew my smert
ingrawit in my hairt
becaus i most depairte
ffrome hir presens

adew [my awin] sueit thing
my ioy and comforting
my mirth and sollesing
of erdly gloir
fair weill my lady bricht
and my remembrance rycht
ffair weill and haif gud nycht
i say no moir

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Music of Dalkeith
Copyright © 2001, Jack Campin